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DO’s & DON’Ts – Polo shirt Etiquette

Human beings wear polo shirts interchangeably with everything from get dressed slacks to ripped denim jeans. They wear them ill-fitting and stained with ketchup to football games and perfectly tailor-made beneath a military blazer to dinner on a yacht.

Notwithstanding this extensive use of the shirt, there are a few policies we ought to impart on the elegantly dressed gentleman that will help you look dapper.

Never wear an Undershirt
A properly outfitted polo shirt is tight but now not too tight, and it’s just lengthy enough in all the proper places. Wearing an undergarment almost ensures it’s going to slip from under your sleeve or fall down at the collar. Polo shirts aren’t made for undershirts and undershirts have to never be worn with a polo shirt. Simply wear a bit extra deodorant or convey a further dress with you.

Wear them fitted but now not tight
If you could not stick a finger among your bicep and your sleeve, get a bigger length. If there’s lots of slack, get a smaller length. Suitable excellent women polo dresses are made from mild materials like cotton. Consequently, they need to drape nicely over your body without displaying your body.

Length them to your height
Unless you have a penchant for carrying clothes, ensure the tail of the shirt doesn’t go halfway past your buttocks. No longer have simplest will it give way and display while tucked in, but it looked plain ridiculous if left untucked. Also, avoid tennis tails if you plan to wear your polo shirt untucked.

Don’t Pop Your Collar
That trend of popping your collar is over, and it’s no longer coming returned. Except you’re lifting it to defend your neck from the sun, just hold it down. Try this and put on sunscreen and you not gained must pop it within the first area. Popping your collar is type of like wearing sun shades at night. Leave it for the bar crowd and teenagers seeking to appearance cool.

Avoid (massive) Logos
Recently a fashion has hit with big outsized trademarks performing on polo shirts. Typically, at Gentleman’s Gazette, we advise avoiding seen logos at all costs, however in relation to polo shirts, having a small logo at the breast is regularly unavoidable since it has end up the usual. Some groups offer emblems which are tone-in-tone with the knit, which is ideal to contrasting logos. Anyhow, oversized logos are not anything quick of atrocious. Unless you put on one as part of your paintings uniform, leave the emblems to the kids.

Don’t wear Polo Shirts with a Blazer
A few men assume they look smart carrying a polo shirt with a blazer, even though the tender collar doesn’t lay flat. Irrespective of what scenario you’re in, a blazer will always look better with a dress shirt.

Tucked or Untucked relies upon at the scenario
It’d be wrong to stipulate a rule never to tuck or untuck your polo dress. Rather, it relies upon at the outfit and the occasion. With a pair of madras shorts, you don’t want to tuck them in, but with a pair of seersucker slacks or chinos, it’ll look higher while it is tucked in.

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