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Use Tiles To Make A Kitchen Look Bigger

Many people design their kitchens with painstaking precision. They install the latest gadgets they like. They have the most ultramodern and stylish lighting. The range cooker is just to die for. Hours are spent deliberating over where to put the fridge, what kind of unit doors they want. Days can be spent agonising over the kind of handles to fit on the kitchen units. They go to inordinate lengths to ensure that everything is done to make the kitchen seem bigger and lose that small, claustrophobic feel. Then they spend 10 minutes or so choosing tiles and thats the end of that.

Upon completion of the much-coveted kitchen, they find that they arent completely happy with the result and cant quite understand why. It doesnt seem any bigger: in fact it seems even smaller. What went wrong?

The tiles went wrong, thats what! Tiles need to be chosen with care and love. Tiles may seem like they are the icing on the cake, but they are vitally important. The wrong type of tile simply leaves your kitchen looking haphazard and ok, but with no Wow factor and it can actually make the room feel smaller, which is not what you wanted at all.

There are some basic principles about choosing tiles for your kitchen. If it is a small kitchen, choose light colours. Grey may look chic in Southern Spain, but in a UK small kitchen it will look make the kitchen seem far smaller than it is.

If your kitchen is not blessed with a good deal of natural light, go for light colours: these will accentuate the natural light and help the kitchen look bigger.

Smaller tiles can help make a small kitchen look bigger as well. If you use big tiles in a small kitchen they seem to accentuate the smallness of the area: so cheat and create an optical illusion!

Patterned tiles can also close walls in: so plain tiles are best. Using an odd patterned tile with an insert can often break up walls and if placed randomly they can make the kitchen look bigger. Insertion of a mirror to reflect one of the patterned tiles can also create a sense of it being bigger.

So with some consideration and thought, you can use tiles to accentuate natural ways to make space seem bigger and help make your kitchen seem like the palatial space you always dreamed of!

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